JCG has been creating online training websites for public and private organizations since 1996. We work closely with you to convert your traditional educational content into media rich, interactive web pages that are universally accessible, updatable and secure. These avenues to knowledge and testing are less expensive to administrate and easier to manage. jcg*
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Samples of our online training services
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client: Alaska Forest Service
title: Pre-Accident Survival Preparation
description: From a series of safety modules that are part of the required training by personnel who regularly fly on missions for the US Forest Service in Alaska.

client: SDA World Church
title: History of Philanthropic Giving
description: Part of a comprehensive website designed to generate a better understading of various church ministries and to encourage systematic giving.

client: US Department of the Interior
title: Small Aircraft Firefighting Tactics & Protocols
description: A sample from a series of training modules for pilots who are contracted and trained by the government to fight fires on public lands.

client: US Office of Aircraft Services
title: Introduction to Course on Interagency Aviation Organizations of the US Government
description: This module is an overview of agencies that frequently use aircraft.

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